Bottesford & Vale

The beautiful thing about The Thatch is its aesthetic situation within the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, there are so many things to do and splendid scenery to admire whilst doing them!

The village of Bottesford is built around the river Devon (pronounced Dee-von) and is named because of the ford at the centre of the village.  With an ever increasing population Bottesford is one of the busiest villages within the Vale of Belvoir (locally pronounced “beaver”)but still manages to maintain a friendly village feel.  The village has a large medieval church, St. Mary's often called 'The Lady of the Vale', has the highest spire in Leicestershire (at 212 feet tall) and is the burial place of The Earls of Rutland.  There are many public footpaths around the village and within the Vale

‘The  Vale of Belvoir forms part of the counties of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and is right in the heart of the English countryside. The name Belvoir dates back to Norman times and means "beautiful view".  The Vale itself is the home of Melton Mowbray pork pies, Stilton cheese, superb pubs, fine local ales and fruit cordials.  More and more people are discovering the Vale of Belvoir, enjoying the beautiful countryside and discovering the fantastic food the region has to offer.’ (taken from

Melton Mowbrary .......miles from The Thatch famous for it’s famous Pork Pie is also famous for another English favorite....Afternoon Tea!  The Duchess of Bedford, Anna was staying at Belvoir Castle, with the Duke & Duchess of Rutland, she ordered for sandwiches, buns and cake for friends and herself to be served at five o’clock sharp.  When she later moved to London she took the custom with her and so the tradition was born.

The Thatch is also perfectly situated to explore the town of Newark on Trent with its cobbled market place and excellent antiques fairs attracting world wide buyers and sellers.  The historic town of Stamford is only a thirty minute trip or the city of Nottingham only forty minutes away, famous for Robin Hood.